BEKO became the PBL title sponsor

Photo: PBL Press Service.
Text: PBL Press service

BEKO — the PBL title sponsor.

Turkey company BEKO and Professional Basketball League signed an agreement to sponsor PBL Championship. According to the agreement the PBL Russian Championship will be named the BEKO PBL Russian Championship. Thereby, the PBL Championship becomes the BEKO PBL Championship whenever the new league name will appear in all media. The PBL logo also has been changed.

The agreement was signed by BEKO director general Oguzkan Satiroglu and PBL director general Ginas Rutkauskas on November 12. This title partner will run for three years with option to extend it to additional three.

«We've been waiting for that event for a long time. The agreement guarantees the League financial stability and gives great opportunities for its future development, - said Ginas Rutkauskas to the PBL Press Service, - the fact that major foreighn company who is the title sponsor of the Turkish Basketball League and the Basketball Bundesliga, and also last World and European chmpionships, became our main partner, means that the League has great prospects».

«We have a lot of work to do to meet our obligations and make this cooperation benefical for the both sides. This agreement undoubtedly will favour the basketball development in Russia» - added Ginas Rutkauskas.

«Basketball development in Russia goes in geometrical progression at the moment. Everyday more and more people become involved in this sport. BEKO Company is interested in basketball progress in Russia. This is the reason why we signed agreement with Russian Professional Basketball League. We expect that the PBL advance will be as successful as in the other Leagues. We will make our best to achieve the best result», - said BEKO director general Oguzkan Satiroglu.

Official press conferense devoted to the agreement signing will be held on December 8.


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