About League

PBL History

Professional basketball league was established on the 6th of August 2010. The idea of the new league creation has appeared much more before official League establishment. Discussions about major changes in Russian basketball began after publication of the audio recording with referees conversation connected with bribery in Russian championship play-off games.

On the 15 of June 2010 ten top Russian clubs declared about withdrawal from Russian basketball Superleague Board and intention to establish new professional and independent league for the top teams competition holding.

«We are confident that only independent tournament status guarantees high competition level, fair play and also favours the increasing of the Russian basketball quality, - as reported in the statement signed by nine heads of the Superleague A clubs and head of the Superleague B winner Nizhniy Novgorod. – We are fully aware of necessity and importance of our decision and responsible for its consequences. We will do our best to restore respect and interest of basketball supporters to Russian basketball».

The first meeting of the Professional Basketball League Board took place on the 21th of June 2010. The board members approved the PBL charter and chose League management. PBC CSKA president Andrey Vatutin was chosen as PBL Board Chairman. BC Dynamo sport director Ginas Rutkauskas was chosen as PBL director general.

The League regulations and PBL championship calendar was approved by the League Board on the 2th of September 2010. Also the Board declared about U-21 championship creation.

On the 21th of September Russian Basketball Federation transferred a right for Russian Basketball Championship three year holding to Professional Basketball League.