Krasnye Krylya

(Samara oblast)
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And for Collins
And for Collins
In a PBL championship game BC Krasnye Krylia in Samara faced BC Enisey Krasnoyarsk. Starting from the beginning of the meeting the home team took a lead but in the second quarter the guest squad recovered and advanced. After big break Bazarevich's team made a huge comeback and eventually won - 78:60. All players of Krasnye Krylia participated in the game except DeJuan Collins. In BC Enisey Zaytsev played all 40 minutes. This defeat turned to be 13th for Krasnoyarsk team, as for Krylia it was 8th win.
One Kulagin is not enough
One Kulagin is not enough
In PBL championship game BC Triumph Lyubertsy at home faced BC Krasnye Krylia and scored a tough victory - 72:68. Canadian center Kyle Landry became the hero of the meeting, he scored 28 points, made 9 rebounds and helped his team in the fourth quarter. In Krasnye Krylia Dmitry Kulagin added 24 points and 6 rebounds.
The title number 20
The title number 20
In a PBL championship game BC Krasnye Krylia in Samara hosted PBC CSKA Moscow and lost in the very ending - 66:68. Bazarevich's team managed to make a huge run 17:0 in the last quarter but Weems's triple and Kulagin's turnover buried the hopes of the home squad. As a result CSKA became Russian Champion, this title became the 20th for the Messina's team.
Beautiful fight
Beautiful fight
In a PBL championship game BC Nizhny Novgorod at home faced BC Krasnye Krylia and lost in the very ending - 73:79. The Sergey Bazarevich's team took a lead in the second quarter but after a big break the home squad made a comeback and had a chance to clinch the game. Nevertheless, Krasnye Krylia were more composed in the clutch time. It was seventh win for KK and tenth loss for NN.
Confident revenge
Confident revenge
In a PBL championship game BC Spartak-Primorye at home faced BC Krasnye Krylia from Samara. Equal fight continued till the last quarter where succeeded the home team: due to Oguchi's three triples Primorye scored fifth PBL victory - 84:72. Oguchi - 20 points, Gillenwater - 18, Delaney - 17, Nesterov - 14. In Krasnye Krylia Simmons scored 14 points, Smith and Kolesnikov - in 13 points each, Kulagin added 11 points.


Primorye defeated Triumph


Krasnye Krylia defeated Enisey


Triumph defeated K. Krylia

Loko lost to BC Khimki

Spartak defeated Enisey

Primorye lost to UNICS


CSKA defeated BC Khimki


Enisey lost to BC Khimki


Lokomotiv lost to Spartak

K. Krylia lost to CSKA