Krasnye Krylya
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39 : 79
9 january 2011
8 тур

CSKA made a new PBL record

Photo: Igor Gorshkov.
Text: PBL Press service

CSKA Moscow gained first place in the PBL Championship table after an impressive victory over Krasnye Krylya on Sunday.

CSKA made a new PBL record by demolishing Krasnye Krylya with 40 points difference in the PBL Championship Round 8. Moreover CSKA gained twice more points than the opponent – 79:39.

The game was totally controlled by CSKA but nothing could tell about the final result after the beginning quarter. Both teams began very carefully and CSKA gained a small advantage only at the end of the first quarter – 16:12. The disaster came to KK in the second quarter – 26:7 to CSKA. The second half also was led by CSKA.

CSKA gained the first place in the PBL Championship table. For Krasnye Krylya it was the second major defeat in a row. The first one was from Dynamo on December 18.


Russian Basketball Federation has approved BEKO PBL’s proposal to postpone the final date of the upcoming championships to the 22 of May, leaving space in calendar for play-offs. Also the schedule of the tournament has been approved and therefore the opening game between BC Nizhny Novgorod and CSKA will take place on Thursday, October 6th.


In early September the League welcomed Euroleague brand manager Alex Ferrer and took a listen of independent marketing professionals.


Next season's games will be broadcasted at PBL TV.


BC Nizhny Novogorod head coach has been named the best coach of 2010/2011 season by the League.


BEKO PBL govering body has discussed possible merge of the league with VTB United league.

Spartak-Primorye from Vladivostok will play in the PBL next season if they are able to meet certain requierements.

The Moscow club is out of the top Russian league due to financial problems.

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