BEKO PBL Play-offs Will Take Place

Photo: Yuriy Ridyakin.
Text: BEKO PBL Press service

The League's calendar and regulations have been approved

Andrey Vatunin, BEKO PBL board chairman:

«Like I’ve said before the priority for all the people working in Russian basketball is our national team. I’m sure that in this calendar we’ve taken this into consideration, leaving enough time for rest and preparation for the Olympics qualifying round for the best country’s players. Our common goal is to see our players in London.

All the members of our basketball space have found themselves in a complicated situation. Obviously whatever decision we make someone would be more satisfied, someone – less. I think we’ve found some compromise which will satisfy all the sides. The Championships starts Thursday. That’s the most important thing. We’ve made a decision that the season won’t finish later than 22nd of May.

There is still some uncertainty about what’s going to happen after the regular season. We still have some space for maneuver. What kind of finals we have, would we have quarter-finals, what play-offs series we’d have – all this will be clear when we know how far our teams go in the European competitions. Some postpones in the end of the championships are also possible.

We wanted to each compromise and we’ve done it. Today’s decision will allow us to host play-offs, even though its format isn’t clear yet. Play-off is icing on the cake. We got away from the possibility to finish the championships on the 10th of May.»


The Army Men beats Lokomotiv-Kuban.


Spartak beats Krasnye Krylya.


CSKA beats Lokomotiv-Kuban.

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Regular season has finished up.

The Army Men beats Khimki.

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