The Final Series Statistiacal Review

Photo: Alexander Alexandrov.
Text: BEKO PBL Press service

The most interesting statistical facts of the BEKO PBL play-off final series.

4. Four Russian players are the most valuable players of the four final games in the CSKA and Khimki series. CSKA forward Andrey Vorontsevich scored 19 points in the first game, Khimki forward Sergey Monia made 14 points in the second, Khimki guard Vitaly Fridzon top-scored with 22 points in the third game and CSKA guard John Robert Holden erupted with 25 points in the final game of the series.
Also Sergey Monia and Victor Khriapa made more rebounds in the series games than any other players. CSKA captain Khriapa made 10 and 9 rebounds in the first and third games, Khimki Sergey Monia made 10 and 11 srebounds in the second and fourth games.

4. Spartak guard Patrick Beverley repeated the BEKO PBL record with 4 blocked shots he made in the first game of the Spartak – Krasnye Krylya series. Only three players made the same before – UNICS centers Slavko Vranes and Maciej Lampe and Khimki center Alexey Savrasenko.

5. Only five UNICS players made points in the second game of the series with Lokomotiv-Kuban.

10. UNICS center Maciej Lampe made 10 double-doubles in the BEKO PBL season. Two of them he made in the series with Loko.

12. Spartak forward Nicola Dragovic made 12 three-pointers in the series with Krasnye Krylya, 10 of them he made in the first and second games.

13. CSKA players scored 13 of 13 one-pointers in the third game of the final series.

15. UNICS center Maciej Lampe scored 20 and more points in 15 games of the BEKO PBL season. Inn summary he scored 657 points in 36 games (18,3 points in a game). Lampe is the only player in the League who scored more than 1000 points in the season.

39. Khimki players Sergey Monia, Kresimir Loncar and Raul Lopes played in all 39 games in the BEKO PBL season for Khimki. Monia also leads in the playing time with 20 hours 42 minutes and 7 seconds he spent on the playground.

95. Nizhniy Novgorod scored 95 points in each of the games with Spartak. That is the new scoring record of the club.

101. Krasnye Krylya scored 101 points in the second game of the series with Spartak. That is the first time the team from Samara made more than hundred.

500. Maciej Lampe is the only player who made more than 500 rebounds in season with 527 rebounds. 268 in the 36 BEKO PBL games, 27 in the four Euroleague qualification games, 129 in the 16 Eurocup games and 103 in the 12 United VTB League games.

5000. Third and fourth games of the CSKA – Khimki series were visited by 5000 spectators. The third game of the Spartak – KK series were visited only by 450 visitors.


Brion Rush shines in Samara's victory.


Sokolov shines in Moscow's victory.


Jefferson shines in Lubertsy's victory.


Miles shines in Samara's victory.

Khimki beat CSKA in the BEKO PBL.

Beverley shines in Saint Petersburg's victory.


Triumph beats Lokomotiv-Kuban.


BEKO PBL hosted the League's board meeting.

The League's board has voted for the knock-out stage format.


CSKA remains undefeatedin the BEKO PBL.