Krasnye Krylya
Game Center
39 : 79
9 january 2011
by quarter 1234
Krylya 127911
CSKA 16261819
end of quarter 1234
Krylya 12192839
CSKA 16426079

Time Score Событие Игрок
0:00Substitution out B44 - GORDON Jamont
0:00Substitution out B30 - SOKOLOV Dmitry
0:00Substitution out B20 - VORONTSEVICH Andrey
0:00Substitution out B9 - SISKAUSKAS Ramunas
0:00Substitution out B6 - BYKOV Sergey
0:00Substitution out A24 - ZVARYKIN Victor
0:00Substitution out A23 - FOMIN Alexander
0:00Substitution out A12 - NESTEROV Konstantin
0:00Substitution out A7 - BREZEC Primoz
0:00Substitution out A4 - RUSH Lonniel Brion
0:00Defensive reboundA24 ZVARYKIN Victor 
0:00Missed 3ptsB9 SISKAUSKAS Ramunas 
0:24Defensive reboundB44 GORDON Jamont 
0:25Missed 2ptsA7 BREZEC Primoz 
0:26Offensive reboundA7 BREZEC Primoz 
0:26Missed 2ptsA4 RUSH Lonniel Brion 
0:43SubstitutionB30 SOKOLOV Dmitryout B8 - SMODIS Matjaz
0:43SubstitutionA7 BREZEC Primozout A15 - TALTS Janar
0:43ErrorB8 SMODIS Matjaz 
0:44Offensive reboundB8 SMODIS Matjaz 
0:44Missed 2ptsB8 SMODIS Matjaz 
0:52TurnoverA15 TALTS Janarsteal B8 - SMODIS Matjaz
1:1412:162 pointsB20 VORONTSEVICH Andrey 
1:14Slam dunkB20 VORONTSEVICH Andrey 
1:14Fast BreakB20 VORONTSEVICH Andrey 
1:15AssistB6 BYKOV Sergey 
1:20Defensive reboundB20 VORONTSEVICH Andrey 
1:20Missed 2ptsA12 NESTEROV Konstantin 
1:20Offensive reboundA12 NESTEROV Konstantin 
1:21Missed 3ptsA4 RUSH Lonniel Brion 
1:38SubstitutionA4 RUSH Lonniel Brionout A6 - ADAMOU
1:3812:141 pointB44 GORDON Jamont 
1:3812:131 pointB44 GORDON Jamont 
1:38Foul P2A12 NESTEROV Konstantinon B44 - GORDON Jamont
1:47SubstitutionB9 SISKAUSKAS Ramunasout B21 - LANGDON Trajan
1:4712:121 pointA12 NESTEROV Konstantin 
1:4711:121 pointA12 NESTEROV Konstantin 
1:47SubstitutionA23 FOMIN Alexanderout A9 - GREEN Gerald
1:47Foul P2B44 GORDON Jamonton A12 - NESTEROV Konstantin
1:48AssistA6 ADAMOU  
1:59Offensive reboundA12 NESTEROV Konstantin 
1:59Missed 2ptsA9 GREEN Gerald 
2:13SubstitutionB6 BYKOV Sergeyout B10 - HOLDEN John Robert
2:13SubstitutionA24 ZVARYKIN Victorout A4 - RUSH Lonniel Brion
2:13ErrorB20 VORONTSEVICH Andrey 
2:23TurnoverA12 NESTEROV Konstantin 
2:23Offensive reboundA12 NESTEROV Konstantin 
2:24Missed 2ptsA4 RUSH Lonniel Brion 
2:41SubstitutionB20 VORONTSEVICH Andreyout B30 - SOKOLOV Dmitry
2:41SubstitutionB8 SMODIS Matjazout B5 - KURBANOV Nikita
2:41SubstitutionA15 TALTS Janarout A23 - FOMIN Alexander
2:41SubstitutionA12 NESTEROV Konstantinout A7 - BREZEC Primoz
2:41ErrorB5 KURBANOV Nikita 
2:5710:122 pointsA9 GREEN Gerald 
2:57Slam dunkA9 GREEN Gerald 
2:57TurnoverB30 SOKOLOV Dmitrysteal A9 - GREEN Gerald
3:00Defensive reboundB30 SOKOLOV Dmitry 
3:01Missed 3ptsA9 GREEN Gerald 
3:238:122 pointsB44 GORDON Jamont 
3:34SubstitutionA6 ADAMOU out A24 - ZVARYKIN Victor
3:34Foul PA24 ZVARYKIN Victoron B21 - LANGDON Trajan
3:44SubstitutionB44 GORDON Jamontout B9 - SISKAUSKAS Ramunas
3:44ErrorA9 GREEN Gerald 
3:45Offensive reboundA9 GREEN Gerald 
3:46Blocked shotA9 GREEN Geraldblockshot B30 - SOKOLOV Dmitry
3:598:102 pointsB21 LANGDON Trajan 
4:02AssistB30 SOKOLOV Dmitry 
4:02Offensive reboundB30 SOKOLOV Dmitry 
4:03Missed 2ptsB21 LANGDON Trajan 
4:22Defensive reboundB30 SOKOLOV Dmitry 
4:22Missed 1ptsA7 BREZEC Primoz 
4:228:81 pointA7 BREZEC Primoz 
4:22Foul P2B5 KURBANOV Nikitaon A7 - BREZEC Primoz
4:22AssistA4 RUSH Lonniel Brion 
4:34SubstitutionB5 KURBANOV Nikitaout B8 - SMODIS Matjaz
4:34SubstitutionA23 FOMIN Alexanderout A12 - NESTEROV Konstantin
4:34Offensive foul PB30 SOKOLOV Dmitryon A12 - NESTEROV Konstantin
4:49Defensive reboundB30 SOKOLOV Dmitry 
4:49Missed 2ptsA24 ZVARYKIN Victor 
5:077:82 pointsB8 SMODIS Matjaz 
5:08AssistB10 HOLDEN John Robert 
5:21Missed 3ptsA9 GREEN Gerald 
5:34Defensive reboundA4 RUSH Lonniel Brion 
5:34Missed 2ptsB8 SMODIS Matjaz 
5:47TurnoverA24 ZVARYKIN Victorsteal B10 - HOLDEN John Robert
6:097:62 pointsB8 SMODIS Matjaz 
6:23Defensive reboundB30 SOKOLOV Dmitry 
6:24Missed 2ptsA12 NESTEROV Konstantin 
6:25Unused AssistsA24 ZVARYKIN Victor 
6:467:42 pointsB10 HOLDEN John Robert 
7:007:23 pointsA9 GREEN Gerald 
7:08Defensive reboundA4 RUSH Lonniel Brion 
7:08Missed 2ptsB30 SOKOLOV Dmitry 
7:26Defensive reboundB8 SMODIS Matjaz 
7:27Missed 3ptsA4 RUSH Lonniel Brion 
7:28Unused AssistsA7 BREZEC Primoz 
7:45ErrorB8 SMODIS Matjaz 
7:46Offensive reboundB8 SMODIS Matjaz 
7:47Missed 2ptsB8 SMODIS Matjaz 
8:034:22 pointsA24 ZVARYKIN Victor 
8:23Defensive reboundA4 RUSH Lonniel Brion 
8:23Missed 2ptsB9 SISKAUSKAS Ramunas 
8:45Defensive reboundB30 SOKOLOV Dmitry 
8:45Missed 3ptsA12 NESTEROV Konstantin 
8:46Unused AssistsA9 GREEN Gerald 
9:072:22 pointsB8 SMODIS Matjaz 
9:11TurnoverA9 GREEN Geraldsteal B9 - SISKAUSKAS Ramunas
9:30TurnoverB9 SISKAUSKAS Ramunas 
9:462:02 pointsA7 BREZEC Primoz 
10:00SubstitutionB30 SOKOLOV Dmitry 
10:00SubstitutionB21 LANGDON Trajan 
10:00SubstitutionB10 HOLDEN John Robert 
10:00SubstitutionB9 SISKAUSKAS Ramunas 
10:00SubstitutionB8 SMODIS Matjaz 
10:00SubstitutionA24 ZVARYKIN Victor 
10:00SubstitutionA12 NESTEROV Konstantin 
10:00SubstitutionA9 GREEN Gerald 
10:00SubstitutionA7 BREZEC Primoz 
10:00SubstitutionA4 RUSH Lonniel Brion 

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Michael Wilkinson gained the highest rating among PBL players.


Loko keeps leading in the PBL Championship.

Nizhny Novgorod outscored Triumph

UNICS outscored Enisey on Sunday.

CSKA outscored Krasnye Krylya on Sunday.

Spartak outscored Dynamo on Sunday.


CSKA gained victory in the first PBL game of the year.

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