Nizhniy Novgorod
Game Center
69 : 82
9 january 2011
8 тур

Triumph sank on the bottom

Photo: BC Triumpth Press service.
Text: PBL Press service

Nizhny Novgorod gained second victory in the PBL Championship on Sunday. NN outscored Triumph 82:69 in the PBL Championship Round 8.

The game was mostly controlled by Nizhny Novgorod except the final quarter, which was lost to Triumph 14:29. But that wasn’t enough for the Moscow region to gain the victory. In the three quarters of the game NN gained 28 points advantage.

It was a great shooting match for NN players especially from behind the arc. Yurchik, Baranov and Yakovenko made highest percentage in long-distance throws.

NN took the seventh place in the PBL Championship table and Triumph felt on the bottom.


Primorye defeated Triumph


Krasnye Krylia defeated Enisey


Triumph defeated K. Krylia

Loko lost to BC Khimki

Spartak defeated Enisey

Primorye lost to UNICS


CSKA defeated BC Khimki


Enisey lost to BC Khimki


Lokomotiv lost to Spartak

K. Krylia lost to CSKA