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87 : 63
9 january 2011
8 тур

UNICS finished Enisey straight

Photo: Alexander Alexandrov.
Text: PBL Peress service

UNICS Kazan outscored Enisey Krasnoyarsk 87:63 in the PBL Championship Round 8 on Sunday.

Montenegro center Slavko Vranes became the key of the sixth UNICS victory in the PBL Championship. The PBL highest player stood guard on the both boards and made 16 rebounds – the best PBL achievement at the moment. Enisey Marcus Williams who became the MVP of the December with 36 points could do nothing against UNICS defense and scored only 5 points.

UNICS controlled the game in all quarters and gained deserved victory and second place in the PBL Championship table.


Primorye defeated Triumph


Krasnye Krylia defeated Enisey


Triumph defeated K. Krylia

Loko lost to BC Khimki

Spartak defeated Enisey

Primorye lost to UNICS


CSKA defeated BC Khimki


Enisey lost to BC Khimki


Lokomotiv lost to Spartak

K. Krylia lost to CSKA