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87 : 63
9 january 2011
by quarter 1234
UNICS 25241721
Enisey 21161214
end of quarter 1234
UNICS 25496687
Enisey 21374963

Time Score Событие Игрок
0:00Substitution out B33 - BABYNIN Konstantin
0:00Substitution out B18 - BAXTER Lonny Leroy
0:00Substitution out B10 - SERGEEV Pavel
0:00Substitution out B8 - LABOVIC Dragan
0:00Substitution out B6 - DEMESHKIN Sergey
0:00Substitution out A33 - VRANES Slavko
0:00Substitution out A22 - MINARD JR Ricky Donell
0:00Substitution out A21 - MCCARTY Kelly
0:00Substitution out A12 - VEREMEENKO Vladimir
0:00Substitution out A11 - PASHUTIN Zakhar
0:0025:212 pointsB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
0:2425:192 pointsA21 MCCARTY Kelly 
0:39Defensive reboundA12 VEREMEENKO Vladimir 
0:39Missed 1ptsB33 BABYNIN Konstantin 
0:3923:191 pointB33 BABYNIN Konstantin 
0:39Foul P2A11 PASHUTIN Zakharon B33 - BABYNIN Konstantin
0:40AssistB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
0:54SubstitutionA22 MINARD JR Ricky Donellout A4 - LYDAY Terrell
0:54Offensive foul PA12 VEREMEENKO Vladimiron B6 - DEMESHKIN Sergey
1:11Defensive reboundA33 VRANES Slavko 
1:11Missed 2ptsB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
1:2623:182 pointsA4 LYDAY Terrell 
1:28ErrorB6 DEMESHKIN Sergeysteal A4 - LYDAY Terrell
1:39SubstitutionB10 SERGEEV Pavelout B5 - WILLIAMS Marcus Darell
1:39Offensive foul PA4 LYDAY Terrellon B33 - BABYNIN Konstantin
1:46Defensive reboundA33 VRANES Slavko 
1:46Missed 2ptsB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
1:47Offensive reboundB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
1:49Missed 2ptsB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
2:0721:181 pointA21 MCCARTY Kelly 
2:0720:181 pointA21 MCCARTY Kelly 
2:07Foul P2B6 DEMESHKIN Sergeyon A21 - MCCARTY Kelly
2:17Defensive reboundA4 LYDAY Terrell 
2:18Blocked shotB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darellblockshot A4 - LYDAY Terrell
2:3119:182 pointsA21 MCCARTY Kelly 
2:4917:181 pointB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
2:4917:171 pointB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
2:49SubstitutionA33 VRANES Slavkoout A16 - RIZVIC Hasan
2:49Foul P2A12 VEREMEENKO Vladimiron B8 - LABOVIC Dragan
3:0817:162 pointsA4 LYDAY Terrell 
3:2515:162 pointsB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
3:3815:141 pointA21 MCCARTY Kelly 
3:3814:141 pointA21 MCCARTY Kelly 
3:38SubstitutionB6 DEMESHKIN Sergeyout B7 - KOMAROVSKY Andrey
3:38Foul P2B7 KOMAROVSKY Andreyon A21 - MCCARTY Kelly
3:43ErrorB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
4:0713:141 pointA21 MCCARTY Kelly 
4:0712:141 pointA21 MCCARTY Kelly 
4:07Foul P2B7 KOMAROVSKY Andreyon A21 - MCCARTY Kelly
4:2511:142 pointsB7 KOMAROVSKY Andrey 
4:38SubstitutionA12 VEREMEENKO Vladimirout A30 - LAMPE Maciej
4:3811:121 pointA30 LAMPE Maciej 
4:38Missed 1ptsA30 LAMPE Maciej 
4:38SubstitutionB33 BABYNIN Konstantinout B21 - GROMYKO Pavel
4:38SubstitutionA11 PASHUTIN Zakharout A9 - SAMOYLENKO Petr
4:38Foul P2B18 BAXTER Lonny Leroyon A30 - LAMPE Maciej
4:5310:122 pointsB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
5:17Offensive foul PA16 RIZVIC Hasanon B18 - BAXTER Lonny Leroy
5:2810:103 pointsB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
5:38Defensive reboundB7 KOMAROVSKY Andrey 
5:39Missed 2ptsA4 LYDAY Terrell 
5:4510:71 pointB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
5:4510:61 pointB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
5:45Foul P2A21 MCCARTY Kellyon B18 - BAXTER Lonny Leroy
5:46AssistB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
5:55Foul PA4 LYDAY Terrellon B18 - BAXTER Lonny Leroy
6:0410:52 pointsA4 LYDAY Terrell 
6:05AssistA9 SAMOYLENKO Petr 
6:05Foul PB7 KOMAROVSKY Andreyon A21 - MCCARTY Kelly
6:10Foul PB21 GROMYKO Pavelon A16 - RIZVIC Hasan
6:34Defensive reboundA21 MCCARTY Kelly 
6:34Missed 1ptsB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
6:34Foul P1A30 LAMPE Maciejon B18 - BAXTER Lonny Leroy
6:348:52 pointsB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
6:49Defensive reboundB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
6:50Missed 2ptsA30 LAMPE Maciej 
6:51Unused AssistsA21 MCCARTY Kelly 
7:078:32 pointsB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
7:08AssistB7 KOMAROVSKY Andrey 
7:13ErrorA4 LYDAY Terrellsteal B21 - GROMYKO Pavel
7:25Defensive reboundA16 RIZVIC Hasan 
7:25Missed 3ptsB7 KOMAROVSKY Andrey 
7:26Unused AssistsB21 GROMYKO Pavel 
7:428:13 pointsA9 SAMOYLENKO Petr 
8:08Missed 3ptsB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
8:09Unused AssistsB21 GROMYKO Pavel 
8:265:12 pointsA16 RIZVIC Hasan 
8:27AssistA4 LYDAY Terrell 
8:27Offensive reboundA4 LYDAY Terrell 
8:29Missed 2ptsA4 LYDAY Terrell 
8:39Defensive reboundA16 RIZVIC Hasan 
8:40Missed 2ptsB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
8:533:13 pointsA4 LYDAY Terrell 
8:57Foul PB21 GROMYKO Pavelon A4 - LYDAY Terrell
9:09Defensive reboundA16 RIZVIC Hasan 
9:09Missed 1ptsB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
9:090:11 pointB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
9:09Foul P2A16 RIZVIC Hasanon B8 - LABOVIC Dragan
9:10Offensive reboundB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
9:11Missed 2ptsB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
9:12Offensive reboundB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
9:13Missed 2ptsB21 GROMYKO Pavel 
9:14Unused AssistsB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
9:17TurnoverA9 SAMOYLENKO Petrsteal B5 - WILLIAMS Marcus Darell
9:28TurnoverB21 GROMYKO Pavelsteal A16 - RIZVIC Hasan
9:44TurnoverA9 SAMOYLENKO Petr 
10:00SubstitutionB21 GROMYKO Pavel 
10:00SubstitutionB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
10:00SubstitutionB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
10:00SubstitutionB7 KOMAROVSKY Andrey 
10:00SubstitutionB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
10:00SubstitutionA30 LAMPE Maciej 
10:00SubstitutionA21 MCCARTY Kelly 
10:00SubstitutionA16 RIZVIC Hasan 
10:00SubstitutionA9 SAMOYLENKO Petr 
10:00SubstitutionA4 LYDAY Terrell 

Eaglesports is an official SPALDING distributor in Russia.


Michael Wilkinson gained the highest rating among PBL players.


Loko keeps leading in the PBL Championship.

Nizhny Novgorod outscored Triumph

UNICS outscored Enisey on Sunday.

CSKA outscored Krasnye Krylya on Sunday.

Spartak outscored Dynamo on Sunday.


CSKA gained victory in the first PBL game of the year.

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