Game Center
83 : 65
4 december 2010
by quarter 1234
Enisey 22152719
CSKA 14182013
end of quarter 1234
Enisey 22376483
CSKA 14325265

Time Score Событие Игрок
0:00Substitution out B20 - VORONTSEVICH Andrey
0:00Substitution out B10 - HOLDEN Jon Robert
0:00Substitution out B9 - SISKAUSKAS Ramunas
0:00Substitution out B8 - SMODIS Matjaz
0:00Substitution out B6 - BYKOV Sergey
0:00Substitution out B18 - BAXTER Lonny Leroy
0:00Substitution out B13 - SOLOVEV Vladislav
0:00Substitution out B10 - SERGEEV Pavel
0:00Substitution out B8 - LABOVIC Dragan
0:00Substitution out B5 - WILLIAMS Marcus Darell
0:00Defensive reboundA5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
0:00Missed 3ptsB6 BYKOV Sergey 
0:01Unused AssistsB10 HOLDEN Jon Robert 
0:2222:143 pointsA5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
0:4519:143 pointsB9 SISKAUSKAS Ramunas 
0:46AssistB10 HOLDEN Jon Robert 
1:0519:112 pointsA18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
1:2617:112 pointsB6 BYKOV Sergey 
1:27Offensive reboundB6 BYKOV Sergey 
1:27Missed 2ptsB6 BYKOV Sergey 
1:34TurnoverA10 SERGEEV Pavelsteal B20 - VORONTSEVICH Andrey
1:5017:91 pointB9 SISKAUSKAS Ramunas 
1:50Missed 1ptsB9 SISKAUSKAS Ramunas 
1:50Foul P2A13 SOLOVEV Vladislavon B9 - SISKAUSKAS Ramunas
2:0317:82 pointsA18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
2:18ErrorB20 VORONTSEVICH Andrey 
2:35SubstitutionA10 SERGEEV Pavelout A7 - KOMAROVSKIY Andrey
2:5115:82 pointsA8 LABOVIC Dragan 
2:51Offensive reboundA8 LABOVIC Dragan 
2:52Missed 2ptsA5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
3:0713:82 pointsB20 VORONTSEVICH Andrey 
3:2913:62 pointsA5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
3:4111:63 pointsB10 HOLDEN Jon Robert 
3:48Defensive reboundB20 VORONTSEVICH Andrey 
3:49Missed 2ptsA7 KOMAROVSKIY Andrey 
4:0411:32 pointsB10 HOLDEN Jon Robert 
4:09Defensive reboundB6 BYKOV Sergey 
4:13Missed 2ptsA7 KOMAROVSKIY Andrey 
4:15Unused AssistsA5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
4:22Defensive reboundA18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
4:23Missed 2ptsB10 HOLDEN Jon Robert 
4:3611:11 pointA5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
4:36Missed 1ptsA5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
4:36Foul P2B8 SMODIS Matjazon A5 - WILLIAMS Marcus Darell
4:42Defensive reboundA13 SOLOVEV Vladislav 
4:43Missed 2ptsB6 BYKOV Sergey 
4:43Unused AssistsB9 SISKAUSKAS Ramunas 
5:05Defensive reboundB20 VORONTSEVICH Andrey 
5:06Missed 3ptsA5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
5:22Defensive reboundA8 LABOVIC Dragan 
5:23Missed 2ptsB8 SMODIS Matjaz 
5:35SubstitutionB6 BYKOV Sergeyout B44 - GORDON Jamont
5:49Defensive reboundB20 VORONTSEVICH Andrey 
5:50Missed 3ptsA7 KOMAROVSKIY Andrey 
5:52TurnoverB44 GORDON Jamontsteal A5 - WILLIAMS Marcus Darell
5:54Foul PA18 BAXTER Lonny Leroyon B8 - SMODIS Matjaz
6:0710:12 pointsA18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
6:20Defensive reboundA8 LABOVIC Dragan 
6:21Missed 3ptsB8 SMODIS Matjaz 
6:22Unused AssistsB10 HOLDEN Jon Robert 
6:328:11 pointA8 LABOVIC Dragan 
6:327:11 pointA8 LABOVIC Dragan 
6:32Foul P2B20 VORONTSEVICH Andreyon A8 - LABOVIC Dragan
6:35Defensive reboundA5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
6:36Blocked shotB44 GORDON Jamont 
6:586:11 pointA7 KOMAROVSKIY Andrey 
6:585:11 pointA7 KOMAROVSKIY Andrey 
6:58SubstitutionB20 VORONTSEVICH Andreyout B30 - SOKOLOV Dmitriy
6:58Foul P2B30 SOKOLOV Dmitriyon A7 - KOMAROVSKIY Andrey
7:10Foul PA12 SAVKOV Alexeyon B9 - SISKAUSKAS Ramunas
7:13Foul PB30 SOKOLOV Dmitriyon A18 - BAXTER Lonny Leroy
7:14Defensive reboundA18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
7:16Blocked shotB30 SOKOLOV Dmitriyon B9 - SISKAUSKAS Ramunas
7:194:12 pointsA12 SAVKOV Alexey 
7:25SubstitutionA13 SOLOVEV Vladislavout A12 - SAVKOV Alexey
7:32ErrorB30 SOKOLOV Dmitriy 
7:35Offensive reboundB30 SOKOLOV Dmitriy 
7:36Missed 2ptsB44 GORDON Jamont 
7:44TurnoverA7 KOMAROVSKIY Andreysteal B30 - SOKOLOV Dmitriy
7:46Foul PB44 GORDON Jamonton A5 - WILLIAMS Marcus Darell
7:55Defensive reboundA5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
7:55Missed 3ptsB8 SMODIS Matjaz 
8:00Foul PA12 SAVKOV Alexeyon B9 - SISKAUSKAS Ramunas
8:25ErrorA5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darellsteal B9 - SISKAUSKAS Ramunas
8:402:11 pointB30 SOKOLOV Dmitriy 
8:40Missed 1ptsB30 SOKOLOV Dmitriy 
8:40Foul P2A12 SAVKOV Alexeyon B30 - SOKOLOV Dmitriy
8:41AssistB44 GORDON Jamont 
9:02Defensive reboundB44 GORDON Jamont 
9:03Missed 2ptsA8 LABOVIC Dragan 
9:15Blocked shotA18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
9:282:01 pointA5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
9:281:01 pointA5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
9:28SubstitutionB8 SMODIS Matjazout B20 - VORONTSEVICH Andrey
9:32Unsportsmanlike foul U2B9 SISKAUSKAS Ramunason A5 - WILLIAMS Marcus Darell
9:36Defensive reboundA5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
9:36Missed 3ptsB20 VORONTSEVICH Andrey 
9:37Unused AssistsB9 SISKAUSKAS Ramunas 
9:46TurnoverA5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
9:47Foul PB20 VORONTSEVICH Andreyon A8 - LABOVIC Dragan
10:00SubstitutionB44 GORDON Jamont 
10:00SubstitutionB30 SOKOLOV Dmitriy 
10:00SubstitutionB20 VORONTSEVICH Andrey 
10:00SubstitutionB10 HOLDEN Jon Robert 
10:00SubstitutionB9 SISKAUSKAS Ramunas 
10:00SubstitutionA18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
10:00SubstitutionA12 SAVKOV Alexey 
10:00SubstitutionA8 LABOVIC Dragan 
10:00SubstitutionA7 KOMAROVSKIY Andrey 
10:00SubstitutionA5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 

Khimki suffered fifth defeat in the Euroleague.


CSKA outscored Valencia in the Euroleague.

UNICS outscored Le Mans in the Eurocup.

Nizhniy Novgorod lost to Gravelines Dunkerque in the EuroChallenge.

Krasnye Krylya outscored Anwil in the Eurocup.

Spartak lost to Szolnoki Olaj in the EuroChallenge.


Dynamo lost to Steaua in the EuroChallenge.

Lokomotiv smashed Antwerp Giants in the EuroChallenge.


Spartak center Pero Antic won the BEKO PBL MVP of the Round 6.


Lokomotiv-Kuban edged Triumph in the BEKO PBL Championship.

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