Statistical review of the BEKO PBL Round 17

Photo: Anna Astahova.
Text: Andrey Sazonov, BEKO PBL Press service

Fourth Zhukanenko double-double, 33 points of McCarty, Dynamo defeat in Krasnodar and Williams leading in the assists rating in the statistical review of the BEKO PBL Round 17.

4. Dynamo center Alexey Zhukanenko made his fourth double-double in the game against Lokomotiv-Kuban with 13 points and 14 rebounds. At the moment only two players has four double-doubles: Lonnie Baxter and Alexey Zhukanenko.Triumph guard Egor Vialtsev made his third double-double with 22 points and 12 assists.

4. Spartak made fourth victory straight in the Round 17. Triumph can’t gain a victory in four last games.

7. Mike Wilkinson repeated the League record in the amount of offensive rebounds. He made 7 in the game against Dynamo. This is the second time Wilkinson makes such result. Also Andrey Trushkin from KK, Nikita Shabalkin from Dynamo and Alexander Dedushkin from KK made the same result too.

14. Dynamo center Alexey Zhukanenko made 14 rebounds in the game against Lokomotiv-Kuban. KK center Dedushkin made 13. The League record in the rebounds amount dealt by UNICS center Slavko Vranes and Spartak forward Miha Zupan.

32. Triumph scored 32 points in the second quarter of the game against UNICS. The effectiveness record in one quarter for the team was made by Lokomotiv-Kuban in the game against Spartak. In the first quarter Loko players scored 34 points.

33. Kelly McCarty scored 33 points in the game against Triumph. That made him the BEKO PBL Round 17 MVP. Also McCarty repeated the League player’s value rating in one game record with 40 rating points.

38. Lokomotiv-Kuban defeated Dynamo in Krasnodar with 38 points difference. The League record belongs to CSKA in the game against Krasnye Krylya finished with 79:39 – 40 points difference.

50. Dynamo made only 50 points in the game against Loko. Fewer points in the season were scored only once by KK in the game against CSKA – 39.

81. Egor Vialtsev became the leader in one-pointer shooting. Triumph guard scored 81 points. Ex-leader Ivan Paunic from NN scored 80 points. Moreover Vialtsev has 85% (81 of 95) realization in comparison with Pauinc 75% (80 of 107).

102. Enisey playmaker Marcus Williams took the leading in the assist amount. He made 102 assists in the season and 12 in last game. Anton Ponkrashov from Spartak has 98 assists.


McCarty repeated the season value record for a player in one game.


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1 – 3 – 6 – 7 – 64 – 103 – 104 – 157 – 333 - 512


1 – 3 – 10 – 13 – 71 – 92 – 97 – 100 – 227 – 990 – 4800 - 10000


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