refereeRankBirthdayNationalityGames count
Jungebrand Carl01.10.1964Finland2
Facchini Fabio24.01.1961Italy5
Zamoiski Jakub29.10.1971Poland2
Pogorelkin YuriyПМК27.06.1940Russia4
Davydov MikhailFIBA02.12.1947Russia17
Okhrimenko VladimirFIBA09.01.1970Russia27
Ponomarev GennadiyFIBA13.06.1967Russia10
Vetrov GennadiyПМК18.01.1947Russia15
Dadugin VladimirМК01.01.1961Russia22
Davydov AlekseyFIBA05.10.1984Russia20
Ovinov SemenFIBA02.01.1979Russia26
Bulanov SergeyFIBA08.06.1964Russia33
Derganov JuriyПМК06.04.1950Russia20
Fomin SergeyFIBA21.05.1961Russia13
Krug SergeyFIBA25.12.1970Russia29
Razbezhkin VladimirВРК09.03.1964Russia21
Vetrov EvgeniyFIBA02.05.1981Russia14
Lokshin MikhailFIBA07.04.1950Russia18
Beliakov SergeyВРК13.01.1980Russia24
Romanov AleksandrВРК28.05.1979Russia17
Antonov PavelМК02.05.1945Russia22
Ganiev RafaelFIBA21.07.1966Russia21
Demenkov IgorFIBA30.04.1967Russia18
Goverdovskiy AleksandrВРК22.03.1977Russia14
Khlopikov VladimirFIBA26.07.1961Russia13
Makhlin AntonFIBA03.03.1973Russia27
Sosedov VladimirВРК31.01.1960Russia22
Putenko IliaFIBA23.11.1979Russia24
Shamis VladimirМК22.04.1937Russia24
Galkin VasiliyМК01.06.1968Russia31
Gorshkov AleksandrFIBA11.06.1962Russia28
Mikhailov SergeyFIBA20.05.1977Russia23
Grigorev MihailПМК10.08.1945Russia20
Ankarali Reсep10.04.1968Turkey1
Biricik Murat20.12.1970Turkey3


Russian Basketball Federation has approved BEKO PBL’s proposal to postpone the final date of the upcoming championships to the 22 of May, leaving space in calendar for play-offs. Also the schedule of the tournament has been approved and therefore the opening game between BC Nizhny Novgorod and CSKA will take place on Thursday, October 6th.


In early September the League welcomed Euroleague brand manager Alex Ferrer and took a listen of independent marketing professionals.


Next season's games will be broadcasted at PBL TV.


BC Nizhny Novogorod head coach has been named the best coach of 2010/2011 season by the League.


BEKO PBL govering body has discussed possible merge of the league with VTB United league.

Spartak-Primorye from Vladivostok will play in the PBL next season if they are able to meet certain requierements.

The Moscow club is out of the top Russian league due to financial problems.

4 – 4 – 5 – 10 – 12 – 13 – 15 – 39 – 95 – 101 – 500 – 5000.