Williams won the PBL December MVP

Photo: Elena Evelson.
Text: Пресс-служба ПБЛ

Williams, Brezec, Holden, Langford, Popovic and Baxter became the best PBL Chamionship players of the December.

Enisey playmaker Marcus Willams gained the PBL Championship MVP of the December. Earlier Williams got the November MVP. The playmaker helped his team to gain victories against CSKA and Nizhny Novgorod. In these two games Williams scored 54 points made 12 rebounds and 15 assists. Also he made the new PBL record by scoring 36 points in the match against Nizhny Novgorod. His ranking is 27.

Second place in the December MVP rating took Krasnye Krylya center Primos Brezec, who scored 25 points, made 22 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 assist, 2 blocked shots and 13 times made opponents players to commit fouls on him. The average Brezec ranking in the games against Khimki and Dynamo is 26,5.

CSKA defender John Robert Holden took the third place. American was the best in his team in the games against Enisey and Khimki. Holden scored 40 points, made 9 rebounds, 6 assists, 4 steals and 9 times made opponents to commit fouls on him. His December rating is 22,5.

Khimki Keith Langford and Spartak Petar Popovic gained 21 points each in the December MVP rating. Langford gained 33 points in the games against Krasnye Krylya and CSKA. Also Khimki defender made 9 rebounds, 5 steals, 4 assists and 14 times made opponents to commit fouls on him. Popovic became the best in the game against Lokomotiv-Kuban despite of his team loss. Spartak center scored 16 points, made 4 rebounds and 2 assists.

Another Enisey player Lonnie Baxter took place in the PBL December best players list. American center helped his team to get the victories over Nizhny Novgorod and CSKA in December. Baxter scored 35 points, made 13 rebounds, 3 blocked shots and 9 times made opponents to commit fouls on him. His ranking is 20,5.

The symbolic December team  consists of 3 players from the Top-6 list and another two players who became the best on their positions. UNICS defender Terrell Lyday and Lokomotiv-Kuban Mike Wilkinson became the best among numbers 2 and 4 in the PBL Championship. Lyday rating is 20 and Wilkinson is 17,5.

The symbolic PBL Championship team of the December.

Marcus Williams (Enisey) – Terrell Lyday (UNICS) – Keith Langford (Khimki) – Mike Wilkinson (Lokomotiv-Kuban) – Primos Brezec (Kranye Krylya).


Russian Basketball Federation has approved BEKO PBL’s proposal to postpone the final date of the upcoming championships to the 22 of May, leaving space in calendar for play-offs. Also the schedule of the tournament has been approved and therefore the opening game between BC Nizhny Novgorod and CSKA will take place on Thursday, October 6th.


In early September the League welcomed Euroleague brand manager Alex Ferrer and took a listen of independent marketing professionals.


Next season's games will be broadcasted at PBL TV.


BC Nizhny Novogorod head coach has been named the best coach of 2010/2011 season by the League.


BEKO PBL govering body has discussed possible merge of the league with VTB United league.

Spartak-Primorye from Vladivostok will play in the PBL next season if they are able to meet certain requierements.

The Moscow club is out of the top Russian league due to financial problems.

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