The semi-finals statistical review

Photo: Mikhail Serbin.
Text: BEKO PBL Press service

The BEKO PBL semi-finals play-off games statistical report.

2. UNICS repeated the anti record of the League with only 2 points scored in the second quarter of the second game against Khimki. Nevertheless Kazan outscored Khimki 62:57.

4. Khimki center Alexey Savrasenko repeated the record of the League with 4 blocked shots in the second game against UNICS. The record was made and repeated by UNICS centers Slavko Vranes and Maciej Lampe.

8. CSKA forward Victor Khriapa was close to triple-double in the first game against Lokomotiv-Kuban with 8 points, 10 assists and 8 rebounds.

9. Enisey center Lonnie Baxter has already made 9 double-doubles in the season. Maciej Lampe from UNICS has made 8 double-doubles.

10. Lokomotiv-Kuban forward Mike Wilkinson and Krasnye Krylya guard Brion Rush scored 10 and more points in each play-off game.

40. Spartak playmaker Patrick Beverley played 40 minutes in the first game against Nizhniy Novgorod. NN guard Ivan Paunic spent on the court the same time in the second game.

50. UNICS guard Terrell Lyday has already made 50 steals in the season. Krylya playmaker Ernest Bremer is the second with 47 steals.

115. The fifth game between UNICS and Khimki finished with only 115 points scored by both teams – 54:61. This is the poorest game for the scoring points.

194. Krasnye Krylya playmaker Ernest Bremer took the lead in the assists rating with 194 assists he made in the BEKO PBL season (6.5 assists in a game).

208. Enisey center Lonnie Baxter leads in the two-pointers rating with 208 throws. UNICS center Maciej Lampe is the second with 204 two-pointers in the BEKO PBL season.

575. The BEKO PBL Regular Season MVP Maciej Lampe keeps leading in the scoring rating with 575 points (17.4 points in a game) in the season. Also he made 239 rebounds (7.2 inn a game) – more than any other player. Lonnie Baxter is the second with 533 points and 232 rebounds.

5000. The audience of the third game between Khimki and UNICS became the largest in the BBEKO PBL play-off. The game was watched by 5000 spectators.


Mavrokefalidis shines in St. Pet's victory.


Victor shines in Vladivostok's victory.


Brion Rush shines in Samara's victory.


Sokolov shines in Moscow's victory.


Jefferson shines in Lubertsy's victory.


Miles shines in Samara's victory.

Khimki beat CSKA in the BEKO PBL.

Beverley shines in Saint Petersburg's victory.


Triumph beats Lokomotiv-Kuban.


BEKO PBL hosted the League's board meeting.