Nizhniy Novgorod
Game Center
77 : 82
18 december 2010
by quarter 12345
NN 251419136
Enisey 1519172011
end of quarter 12345
NN 2539587177
Enisey 1534517182

Time Score Событие Игрок
0:00Substitution out B21 - GROMYKO Pavel
0:00Substitution out B18 - BAXTER Lonny Leroy
0:00Substitution out B14 - NIKOLAEV Dmitry
0:00Substitution out B10 - SERGEEV Pavel
0:00Substitution out B5 - WILLIAMS Marcus Darell
0:00Substitution out A31 - PAUNIC Ivan
0:00Substitution out A22 - YURCHIK Valentin
0:00Substitution out A11 - ANTONOV Semen
0:00Substitution out A6 - IVANOV Andrey
0:00Substitution out A5 - GOLOVIN Dmitry
0:0925:152 pointsB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
0:10AssistB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
0:2825:132 pointsA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
0:44TurnoverB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
0:5323:131 pointA5 GOLOVIN Dmitry 
0:5322:131 pointA5 GOLOVIN Dmitry 
0:53Foul P2B10 SERGEEV Pavelon A5 - GOLOVIN Dmitry
1:0621:132 pointsB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
1:14SubstitutionA22 YURCHIK Valentinout A17 - YAKOVENKO Artem
1:14SubstitutionA5 GOLOVIN Dmitryout A14 - ALEKSIC Vukasin
1:1421:111 pointA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
1:1420:111 pointA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
1:14Foul P2B21 GROMYKO Pavelon A31 - PAUNIC Ivan
1:3219:111 pointB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
1:3219:101 pointB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
1:32Foul P2A11 ANTONOV Semenon B18 - BAXTER Lonny Leroy
1:33Defensive reboundB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
1:33Missed 3ptsA11 ANTONOV Semen 
1:34Unused AssistsA14 ALEKSIC Vukasin 
1:4919:92 pointsB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
2:0219:73 pointsA14 ALEKSIC Vukasin 
2:03AssistA11 ANTONOV Semen 
2:23Offensive reboundA6 IVANOV Andrey 
2:24Missed 3ptsA14 ALEKSIC Vukasin 
2:25Unused AssistsA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
2:51Defensive reboundA11 ANTONOV Semen 
2:51Missed 1ptsB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
2:5116:71 pointB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
2:51SubstitutionA11 ANTONOV Semenout A15 - PLISNIC Vanja
2:51Foul P2A17 YAKOVENKO Artemon B18 - BAXTER Lonny Leroy
2:52AssistB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
3:1016:62 pointsA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
3:11AssistA14 ALEKSIC Vukasin 
3:12Blocked shotA17 YAKOVENKO Artem 
3:25Offensive reboundA17 YAKOVENKO Artem 
3:25Missed 1ptsA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
3:25Missed 1ptsA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
3:25Foul P2B14 NIKOLAEV Dmitryon A31 - PAUNIC Ivan
3:32Defensive reboundA17 YAKOVENKO Artem 
3:33Missed 2ptsB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
3:34Unused AssistsB10 SERGEEV Pavel 
3:48Defensive reboundB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
3:48Missed 1ptsA17 YAKOVENKO Artem 
3:48SubstitutionB14 NIKOLAEV Dmitryout B8 - LABOVIC Dragan
3:48Foul P1B18 BAXTER Lonny Leroyon A17 - YAKOVENKO Artem
3:4814:62 pointsA17 YAKOVENKO Artem 
4:0612:62 pointsB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
4:2512:42 pointsA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
4:25Fast BreakA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
4:29AssistA6 IVANOV Andrey 
4:29Defensive reboundA6 IVANOV Andrey 
4:30Missed 3ptsB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
4:31Unused AssistsB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
4:52Foul PA6 IVANOV Andreyon B5 - WILLIAMS Marcus Darell
5:03TurnoverA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
5:06Defensive reboundA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
5:08Missed 2ptsB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
5:08Unused AssistsB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
5:29Missed 2ptsA17 YAKOVENKO Artem 
5:30Unused AssistsA14 ALEKSIC Vukasin 
5:32Foul PB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darellon A6 - IVANOV Andrey
5:45Foul PB8 LABOVIC Draganon A31 - PAUNIC Ivan
5:46Defensive reboundA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
5:47Missed 3ptsB21 GROMYKO Pavel 
5:48Unused AssistsB10 SERGEEV Pavel 
5:59ErrorA31 PAUNIC Ivansteal B21 - GROMYKO Pavel
6:07Defensive reboundA17 YAKOVENKO Artem 
6:08Missed 3ptsB10 SERGEEV Pavel 
6:19Offensive reboundB10 SERGEEV Pavel 
6:20Missed 2ptsB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
6:24Foul PA14 ALEKSIC Vukasinon B10 - SERGEEV Pavel
6:29Defensive reboundB10 SERGEEV Pavel 
6:30Missed 3ptsA15 PLISNIC Vanja 
6:4710:41 pointB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
6:4710:31 pointB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
6:47Foul P2A15 PLISNIC Vanjaon B8 - LABOVIC Dragan
7:0510:22 pointsA14 ALEKSIC Vukasin 
7:378:22 pointsB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
7:37Slam dunkB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
7:37AssistB10 SERGEEV Pavel 
7:37SubstitutionB21 GROMYKO Pavelout B12 - SAVKOV Alexey
7:37SubstitutionB10 SERGEEV Pavelout B7 - KOMAROVSKY Andrey
7:388:02 pointsA15 PLISNIC Vanja 
8:01Defensive reboundA14 ALEKSIC Vukasin 
8:02Missed 2ptsB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
8:166:02 pointsA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
8:28Defensive reboundA14 ALEKSIC Vukasin 
8:29Missed 2ptsB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
8:45Defensive reboundB12 SAVKOV Alexey 
8:46Missed 3ptsA15 PLISNIC Vanja 
8:57Foul PB12 SAVKOV Alexeyon A14 - ALEKSIC Vukasin
8:58TurnoverB12 SAVKOV Alexeysteal A14 - ALEKSIC Vukasin
9:174:02 pointsA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
9:17Fast BreakA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
9:19Defensive reboundA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
9:20Missed 2ptsB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
9:21Unused AssistsB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
9:26Missed 2ptsB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
9:27Unused AssistsB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
9:422:02 pointsA6 IVANOV Andrey 
9:54ErrorB7 KOMAROVSKY Andrey 
10:00SubstitutionB18 BAXTER Lonny Leroy 
10:00SubstitutionB12 SAVKOV Alexey 
10:00SubstitutionB8 LABOVIC Dragan 
10:00SubstitutionB7 KOMAROVSKY Andrey 
10:00SubstitutionB5 WILLIAMS Marcus Darell 
10:00SubstitutionA31 PAUNIC Ivan 
10:00SubstitutionA17 YAKOVENKO Artem 
10:00SubstitutionA15 PLISNIC Vanja 
10:00SubstitutionA14 ALEKSIC Vukasin 
10:00SubstitutionA6 IVANOV Andrey 

Michael Wilkinson gained the highest rating among PBL players.


Loko keeps leading in the PBL Championship.

Nizhny Novgorod outscored Triumph

UNICS outscored Enisey on Sunday.

CSKA outscored Krasnye Krylya on Sunday.

Spartak outscored Dynamo on Sunday.


CSKA gained victory in the first PBL game of the year.


Enisey defender Marcus Williams is the best PBL player of the December.


The game was postponed on December 21.

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