Nizhniy Novgorod
Game Center
77 : 82
18 december 2010
Zoran Lukich
Head Coach
BC Nizhniy Novgorod:
It is very difficult to analyze this game because my emotions are still dominating. Again we lost the game in the last quarter. We should have won during the 4th quarter leading 5 points. We have lost because of the misses while executing simple shots. Basketball is a very wise game, that’s why when you miss simple shots you are sure to get points in your own basket.
Stevan Karadzic
Head Coach
BC Enisey:

I’m satisfied with the result but with the game itself. We had been loosing for during 36 minutes and in the end the opponents themselves presented us with the victory. Of course Marcus Williams took the initiative in his own hands and has gained very crucial points during last minutes which were enough to win. We knew that BC «Nizhny Novgorod» has a very strong defense and still we couldn’t come over it. We are happy that we had luck in the end. We are in good spirit after 7 winning, and may be it was a little difficult to get tuned for this exact game.


Michael Wilkinson gained the highest rating among PBL players.


Loko keeps leading in the PBL Championship.

Nizhny Novgorod outscored Triumph

UNICS outscored Enisey on Sunday.

CSKA outscored Krasnye Krylya on Sunday.

Spartak outscored Dynamo on Sunday.


CSKA gained victory in the first PBL game of the year.


Enisey defender Marcus Williams is the best PBL player of the December.


The game was postponed on December 21.

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