BEKO PBL week statistics

Photo: Roman Yandolin.
Text: BEKO PBL Press service

Fourth Beverley double-double, seventh Khimki victory, Monia three-pointers leadership in the traditional BEKO PBL statistical review of the week.

2. Nizhniy Nivgorod scored only 2 points in the third quarter of the game against Khimki. That is the new anti-record of the League. The previous anti-record was made by UNICS with 6 points in the final quarter of the game against Lokomotiv-Kuban.

4. Spartak guard Patrick Beverley made his fourth double-double in the season in the game against Krasnye Krylya.

7. Khimki gained seventh victory as guests in the season in the game against Nizhniy Novgorod. That is the best result of the League.

9. Triumph can’t get a victory for 9 games in a row.

13. Dynamo players made 13 steals in the game against Nizhniy Novgorod.

30. Dynamo guard Victor Keyru became the seventh player of the League who scored 30 or more points in a game. Keyru erupted with 30 points in the game against Spartak.

46. Nizhniy Novgorod scored only 46 points in the game against Khimki. This is the second time when a team didn’t score more than 50 points in a game. The second team is Krasnye Krylya with 39 points in the game against CSKA on January 9.

51. Sergey Monia is the first player who scored more than 50 three-pointers in the season. The second best player in this parameter is Lokomotiv-Kuban guard Leonel Chalmers with 38 three-pointers.

117. The game Nizhniy Novgorod – Khimki is a one of the most unproductive games in the season. Both teams scored only 117 points. The same amount of points was made in the game UNICS – CSKA in the Round 12 – 63:54 to UNICS.

202. Khimki is the first team who scored more than 200 three-pointers in the season. Khimki has scored 202 points. The second place in this parameter belongs to CSKA with 160 three-pointers.


Mavrokefalidis shines in St. Pet's victory.


Victor shines in Vladivostok's victory.


Brion Rush shines in Samara's victory.


Sokolov shines in Moscow's victory.


Jefferson shines in Lubertsy's victory.


Miles shines in Samara's victory.

Khimki beat CSKA in the BEKO PBL.

Beverley shines in Saint Petersburg's victory.


Triumph beats Lokomotiv-Kuban.


BEKO PBL hosted the League's board meeting.