Players statistical review of the BEKO PBL Regular season

Photo: Mariya Zamorina.
Text: BEKO PBL Press service

The best individual rates of the BEKO PBL Regular season.

Top scorers. Enisey center Lonnie Baxter scored 447 points in 27 games. UNICS center Maciej Lampe made 431 points in 25 games and the third is Spartak guard Henry Domercant with 428 points in 26 games.

Triumph guard Tywain McKee scored 18.6 points in a game in average in 9 games. Khimki guard Keith Langford scored 18.2 points in a game and the third is Maciej Lampe with 17.2 points in a game in average.

UNICS guard Terrell Lyday made the scoring record in the game against Triumph with 39 points. Enisey playmaker Marcus Williams scored 36 points against Nizhniy Novgorod. Also he made the three-pointers record with 8 three-pointers scored in the same game. Spartak guard Henry Domercant and UNICS center Maciej Lampe scored 35 points in the games against Lokomotiv-Kuban and Triumph.

Assists makers. Enisey playmaker Marcus Williams made 184 assists in 27 games – 6.8 assists in average. The second is Ernest Bremer from Krasnye Krylya with 147 assists in 24 games – 6.1 in average. Egor Vialtsev is the third with 141 assists in 26 games (5.4 in average). These players are the best in the assists average rating.

Marcus Williams also made the assisting record with 16 assists in the game against Triumph. Spartak playmaker Anton Ponkrashov and Triumph Egor Vialtsev made 15 assists in the games against Dynamo.

Rebounders. Dynamo center Alexey Zhukanenko made more rebounds than anyone in the BEKO PBL Regular season. He made 184 rebounds in 25 games. Lonnie Baxter is the second with 183. Maciej Lampe is the third with 180 rebounds.

UNICS center Slavko Vranes and Spartak forward Miha Zupan made 16 rebounds each in the games against Enisey and Lokomotiv-Kuban. That is the record of the League.

Khimki forward Sergey Monia made 141 defensive rebounds, Maciej Lampe – 130, Alexey Zhukanenko – 129.

Lokomotiv-Kuban forward made 70 offensive rebounds, Lonnie Baxter and Alexey Zhukanenko made 59 and 55.

Steals makers. Dynamo guard Evgeny Voronov made 45 steals, Anton Ponkrashov from Spartak and UNICS guard Zakhar Pashutin made 41 and 37. Spartak playmaker Patrick Beverley made 36 steals in only 17 games (2.1 steals in a game in average).

Loko guard Alexey Surovtsev made 7 steals in the game against CSKA – the best result in one game.

Blocked shots. Khimki and Nizhniy Novgorod forwards Sergey Monia and Artem Yakovenko made 27 blocked shots in 27 games each.

Two UNICS players made 4 blocked shots in one game. They are Maciej Lampe and Slavko Vranes, who made it twice.

Play time. Anton Ponkrashov spent 14 hours 42 minutes and 27 seconds on the ground. Marcus Williams and Sergey Monia also played more than 14 hours.

Two-pointers. Lonnie Baxter made 173 middle distance throws of 278 attempts. He scored 15 two-pointers in the game against Triumph. Maciej Lampe scored 151 two-pointers in 275 attempts.

Three-pointers. Sergey Monia from Khimki scored 63 of 145 throws from the arc. Leonel Chalmers made 52 of 145.

Marcus Williams scored 8 three-pointers in the game against Nizhniy Novgorod – the League record.

One-pointers. Henry Domercant from Spartak scored 118 of 155 one-pointers. Opponents players made 146 fouls on him. Egor Vialtsev from Tirumph made 114 one-pointers of 137.

MVP. UNICS guard Terrell Lyday gained 45 ranking points in one game. He scored 39 points, made 5 steals, 2 assists, 2 rebounds and 6 opponent’s fouls.

Lonnie Baxter gained the highest summary rating – 509. Maciej Lmape has 485 summary ranking points.

Khimki guard Keith Langford has the highest average rate – 20.6 in 15 games.


Mavrokefalidis shines in St. Pet's victory.


Victor shines in Vladivostok's victory.


Brion Rush shines in Samara's victory.


Sokolov shines in Moscow's victory.


Jefferson shines in Lubertsy's victory.


Miles shines in Samara's victory.

Khimki beat CSKA in the BEKO PBL.

Beverley shines in Saint Petersburg's victory.


Triumph beats Lokomotiv-Kuban.


BEKO PBL hosted the League's board meeting.