Pavel Sergeev
Pavel Sergeev
Position: Playmaker
Team: Spartak
Birthday: 28.07.1987
Height: 186 sm
Weight: 96 kg
Nationality: Russia
Average ranking 0.8
Points 1.5
Assists 0.3
Bounds 0.2
Steals 0.2
Blockedshots -
BEKO PBL list of transfers
BEKO PBL list of transfers
BEKO PBL presents the list of transfers of the BEKO PBL Russian championships. The list contains the infromation about the clubs where changes have taken place. All the information is taken from the official web sites of the BEKO PBL clubs. Latest transfers are marked in bold style.


All tranfers for 2012/2013 by 02.07.


CSKA coach becomes the best this season.


CSKA wins the title for 2nd time in a row.

The Krasnodar side beats Triumph.

Kazan side beats Spartak.

Krasnye Krylya is the 8th.


Lokomotiv takes 2-1 series lead.

Primorie ties series with Krasnye Krylya.


CSKA take 2-0 lead in the finals.